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Over the past six years NATALIE OLDFIELD has been working towards fulfilling a dream she has had for as long as she can remember—to honour the life and person of her Gran, Dulcie May Booker, by sharing a very simple recipe ... the special combination of food and love.

Whether through her award-winning books, or her former celebrated foodstore in Mt Eden, her TV appearances, speaking engagements, magazine articles, cooking classes or special events, Natalie brings a special perspective to all that she does—that love is at the core of life, and that nothing communicates love like great food shared between people.

It's a recipe she learnt in the kitchen of her Gran, but it's one that she has made her own. Natalie's unique story and life experience, not to mention her lifelong search for the grace that she witnessed in the life of Dulcie May, bring a quality to everything she does that we all can relate to.

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