About Us

Our family has always been prize "foodies" - none more so than our grandmother, Dulcie May Booker. She was born in 1913 and has lived all her 95 years in Weymouth, Auckland, a community in which she is a local star and inspiration. She started cooking as a child, on her family's coal range, and was an active member of the Weymouth Country Women's Institute from age 18, famous for her prize-winning scones. She and our Pop, Fred, raised four children, and were market gardeners (at harvest time, Dulcie would stay up all night, bottling fruit), before owning a fish shop. Fred was a fisherman, and on stormy days when he couldn't go out to sea, Dulcie sewed wedding dresses while Fred looked after the children. She has also been neighbourhood hairdresser, dancehall decorator, and neighbourhood counsellor, always there with a sympathetic ear and kind, loving advice. She is our heroine!

Dulcie May Kitchen was established by Natalie Oldfield. Natalie was born and raised in Auckland. With her families passion for food she has long experience in hospitality, including establishing several corporate café's and function venues. Dulcie May Kitchen is part of Natalie's tribute to her grandmother and the love of cooking she has inspired. She is joined by her sister Michelle Burrell who has worked as a chef for 18 years, and brings her ability to create traditional recipes with a modern flair. Her father Ashley Burrell, who has been in hospo for a number of years and works as a chef at Dulcie May Kitchen,  as well as her mother Heather that has a passion for life, people and food.